Climate Conscious Community Garden Certificate

Although every community garden indirectly has a positive impact on the climate of its environment, being climate-conscious is a higher level that is worth reaching.  This year Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre introduced the Climate Conscious Garden Certification and logo on its Community Gardening Projects website ( This certification is awarded to community gardens that meet […]

Heroes of Responsible Dining

The Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative aims to raise public awareness about the environmental effects of food consumption. They encourage individuals to choose local and seasonal products, eat less meat and dairy, and reduce their food waste. The Foundation does this by launching interesting challenges and loveable campaigns and offering team building programs and educational […]

Community farmers’ fair pick-up point

At the suggestion of Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, which runs the Kisdiófa community garden, its community has become a pick-up point for Kisdiófa buyer-community.  The VeddEgyütt (“Buy-together”) initiative which coordinates common sales of local farmers’ communities nationwide, includes the garden as a regular venue on its organisation’s list of fairs.   Being a member of a […]

Thematic and Study plots

In the “Kisdiófa” community garden, the gardening community provides 2-2 raised beds for applicants selected by tender for one year periods for

Community Gardens’ Night

A community garden, called “Grundk3rt” in the 8th district of Budapest came up with the idea in 2016 to celebrate community gardens on the first Saturday of September by analogy with the Night of Museums. The 1st Community Garden Night was a collaboration between more than 10 community gardens in the capital, giving visitors the […]