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The Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative aims to raise public awareness about the environmental effects of food consumption. They encourage individuals to choose local and seasonal products, eat less meat and dairy, and reduce their food waste. The Foundation does this by launching interesting challenges and loveable campaigns and offering team building programs and educational activities for students. Since the foundation of the organisation in 2012, they have won multiple awards and motivated thousands of people to eat more responsibly. Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation has developed a certification system as well that recognizes green restaurants and encourages the participants in the foodservice industry to invest in environmentally friendly solutions. More than 50 restaurants are currently using the Sustainable Restaurant certification in Hungary.

1. Organisation hosting the activity


Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation

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H-1111 Budapest, Budafoki út 31. 7/2.

2. Activity detailed description

Founders of Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation have realised how important sustainable dining was in their personal ecological footprint and at the same time how little attention this topic received. People and the c sector had very little information on this topic. They would like to raise awareness on sustainable dining, educating people and the actors of the hospitality sector to eat and cook more sustainably. In the last 10 years the topic of sustainable eating has undeniably become a hot topic and the Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative is linked to this topic due to our professional work. They have educated more than 5000 kids, 500 adults through team building activities, worked with 180 restaurants and catering companies. Their online campaigns and activities reached millions. With their help people can learn about the small steps they can easily execute to lower their food related ecological footprint. Heroes of Responsible Dining believe in positive and inspiring communication and learning through play. 

Sometimes companies finance the programs of the initiative, sometimes the local municipalities, our individuals finance it. Heroes of Responsible Dining Initiative works with volunteers and a small team of employees. Every work is a project with dedicated staff. They also cooperate with professional organisations like the National Alliance of Hungarian Nutritionists. 

What is essential in this initiative (and it is expected from the colleagues’ side) is skills for positive communication, professional background in environmental studies, dining or education, high quality work and credibility.

Participants of the programmes get up-to-date information on how they can lower their meat or dairy consumption, how they can reduce food-waste and why they should try local and seasonal ingredients.

Heroes of Responsible Dining has different activities for everyone (kindergarten kids, school kids and young adults, less young people). They always use games to educate people. These games can be used indoor and outdoor, for example in community gardens.  In most cases they modify big, magnetic flip charts or molinos. They prefer using nicely designed reusable tools, games to lower our ecological footprint. They transport the setting by car and the team can be one person to three depending on the size of the participant groups or the event.

Implementation steps

  1. To find out if there is a similar initiative to Responsible Gastronomy in a given municipality or country.
  2. If there is, contact the organisation and discuss the possibility of organising sessions in the garden.
  3. Assess the needs of the garden community regarding the content of the programme.
  4. To publicise the programme as widely as possible, especially to the people living in the neighbourhood of the garden.

If there is no such initiative, it is worthwhile to raise the possibility of launching one in the garden community.If the garden community is open to it,

  1. Form an action group of gardeners who would like to contribute to the development of the programme. 
  2. During the programme-workout collect information about games, existing gamificable awareness raising programmes etc.
  3. Set up a programme scenario
  4. Test the programme involving the gardening community
  5. Announce the programme for the wider community or in other community gardens.

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4. Conclusions

Participants of Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative’s programmes get up-to-date information on how they can lower their meat or dairy consumption, how they can reduce food-waste and why they should try local and seasonal ingredients. This information is essential to understand how important sustainable dining is in our personal ecological footprint.

Advice / Recommendation

"It is very important to have conversations frequently with your target group and check what they are interested in the most and what attracts them the most regarding the games. New channels of communication are mostly online, so it is essential to keep up with the improvement of ICT tools and methods. Focusing on high quality and well designed tools to attract people requires the use of creative graphic designers".