Climate protection garden for soil and environmental awareness education

Planning and development of a climate protection garden with various elements such as a green classroom, a soil nature trail and a tiny forest to carry out environmental education activities. Workshops and courses about different garden-related topics such as soil, sealing, biodiversity etc. are developed and conducted with school classes and adults in the climate […]

Heroes of Responsible Dining

The Heroes of Responsible Dining initiative aims to raise public awareness about the environmental effects of food consumption. They encourage individuals to choose local and seasonal products, eat less meat and dairy, and reduce their food waste. The Foundation does this by launching interesting challenges and loveable campaigns and offering team building programs and educational […]

Community Gardens’ Night

A community garden, called “Grundk3rt” in the 8th district of Budapest came up with the idea in 2016 to celebrate community gardens on the first Saturday of September by analogy with the Night of Museums. The 1st Community Garden Night was a collaboration between more than 10 community gardens in the capital, giving visitors the […]

Compost training at the municipality level

The city hall of Pau is organizing, thanks to facilitators and trainers, online and face-to-face activities to teach people who have gardens about composting before giving them compost bins.

The Climate Fresk

Through a game of printed or digital cards, the participants will be able to understand the stakes of climate change, its causes and consequences, to empower themselves to take action and adapt their behaviour. The activity is organized in 3 hours workshops managed by a facilitator trained on the topic. The facilitators are active all […]

2 Tons

2 tons is a serious game organized in an hybrid workshop where participants get tools to understand and calculate their current carbon footprint and how to reduce it in the future, to reach the 2 tons objective of 2050. To enable a systemic understanding of the issues, the workshop takes into account the individual and […]

Forest Garden Action Days

The Forest Garden Action Days are events organised by members of the community garden Allhartsberg and take place 2-4 times a year. They aim to make the forest garden better known, to share knowledge and to do maintenance work together. All interested people are invited to visit and participate.

Community Composting

Members of the community composting group collect their organic waste and compost it together. In introductory workshops, practical care activities for the compost and exchange meetings they learn about composting and its backgrounds. In the end they harvest the compost together, share it and use it as fertiliser for their plants at home or in […]

Liz Christy Trail

The Liz Christy Trail is an edible route through the “Seestadt”- a newly established quarter of Vienna. It connects eleven individual edible greening projects and invites people to explore them by taking a walk or a bike ride. Existing initiatives along the food trail are made visible and new projects can be stimulated and developed […]

Windbreak and wild fruit hedge

The windbreak and wild fruit hedge is an ecological and educational element, located in the “Seestadt” – a newly established quarter of Vienna. It was planted in 2020 as part of the edible Seestadt research project and has since been maintained by members from the nearby community garden “Kraut&Blüten”. With its signposts it informs passers […]