Rainwater runoff management

The community of city gardeners has built a sophisticated system of rainwater runoff collecters to reuse the water for irrigating the vegetable garden. The system comprise of different roofs equipped with gutters, plastic reservoirs, water well and high capacitive reservoir cover by floating panels with water plants to clean and protect the collected water. Water […]

Community Composting

Members of the community composting group collect their organic waste and compost it together. In introductory workshops, practical care activities for the compost and exchange meetings they learn about composting and its backgrounds. In the end they harvest the compost together, share it and use it as fertiliser for their plants at home or in […]

Windbreak and wild fruit hedge

The windbreak and wild fruit hedge is an ecological and educational element, located in the “Seestadt” – a newly established quarter of Vienna. It was planted in 2020 as part of the edible Seestadt research project and has since been maintained by members from the nearby community garden “Kraut&Blüten”. With its signposts it informs passers […]